Growing Pains

November 6, 2023

It has been a while since I last updated you on the business side of things. As I type this we entered into month 9 of trading with our Helles. In that time, we have seen growth with our brewing knowledge, sales, admin (changes of duty in particular come to mind) and supply chain management!

Irrespective of all the years of planning and research, I (Steven) am still learning so much every day!

As you may know we contract brew at Heaney Farmhouse Brewery, to clarify this means we do not own the equipment, but we use it under their guidance, and we work alongside them with planning brews within their schedule.

This has worked well for us with our business setup and helped us greatly manage everything to develop the beers and brand further.

Steven from Tilt & Pour discussing his beer at Out Of Office Beer Club
Taken from Out Of Office Beer Club May 2023

Finally Events! 

Events are something I have been pushing for and finally able to make more time for them! So far, we have done some in store tastings (Bot Drinks), Oktobersesh at Trademarket and Octoberfest at Belmont Bowling Club and Beer Club at Out Of Office! These events have been invaluable and an opportunity to showcase our beer to a wider audience, we have more planned for the remainder of the year so keep an eye on socials!

[If you are looking at in store tastings before Xmas please get in touch asap]  

Can of tilt & Pour Helles beer outside of a Bot Drinks (Off Sales)
BOT Drinks Tasting Shot

Navigating shifts within Industry

Like any industry things are changing and we must be responsive and proactive in ensuring that we deliver the best possible beer to you, our customers. Within our supply chain we have seen increases in cost across it, and we are continually working with our local suppliers to ensure we deliver on this.

We had originally planned for a second beer release this year but unfortunately, this has been delayed ever so slightly due to a recent purchase.

Earlier this year there was a ‘crossroads’ moment, where maintaining the stock of our Helles for the community without leaving anyone short or brewing new beers would come to a head. 

This allowed us to explore an opportunity to purchase our own tank (FV) alongside Heaney Farmhouse Brewery, I am pleased to say our tank is finally en-route and 2024 will see more production and output from us. This purchase allows us to work more effectively and efficiently within the setup and allows us more opportunity to grow! (I Hope)

Additionally, as we participate in more events and driving around visiting accounts it has now become a reality that I needed a van or car for the business, after much deliberation, I made the decision to acquire our newest addition– keep your eyes peeled for it on the road!

A van with Tilt & Pour branding
Tilt & Pour Van - keep an eye out! 

Next steps: New Year, New Beers

Our Helles is currently stocked in 35* outlets across Northern Ireland! It can be found in off sales, pubs, restaurants, and online retailers. Our Helles Finder is up to date so check it to find your nearest stockist – Helles Finder. I think it’s been so important to highlight that with every purchase, you are not only supporting Tilt & Pour, but other local (NI) businesses involved – check out the other businesses who you support with every purchase.

Over this time I would like to thank all our customers who took a punt in buying our Helles, given the cost of things I appreciate the opportunity you have taken on our beer.

Here’s to many more beers! Cheers Steven

*Correct as per Helles Finder 05/11/2023

Pouring Tilt & Pour Helles at Trademarket Belfast with three customers
Oktobersesh at Trademarket
Steven Barr

Love Gifs & taking snaps of beers....

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