All of the Lights

October 14, 2017
NI Beer

Earlier this week we saw the announcement of Galway Bay’s (GBB) acquisition of Brewbot Belfast on the Ormeau Road Belfast.

On Tuesday, Jason one of the owners or GBB confirmed the news officially on Twitter, leaving only a couple of hours left to enjoy one last drink at the bar that had promised so much.

Many took advantage of enjoying some of the existing stock at reduced rates, including some excellent sharing bottles from the states.

Following on from Jason’sannouncement he quickly answered some of my questions from ‘Second bite at the Cherry?’ Where he briefly mentioned what to expect from the venture - “...20 Taps, Cask, Food, Fun”

Very little was known about the bar at this stage, never mind what it could be possibly named until a subtle hint was noticed by a few, the addition of ‘Northern Lights’ to Jason’s Twitter Bio which consists of the current bars owned by GBB.

Interesting name choice, considering this acquisition. Northern Lightsis GBB’s first bar outside of the ROI. Playing on the Aurora borealis which is a series of dancing lights seen above the magnetic poles of the Northern & Southern Hemispheres.

A little more insight into the bar was released, highlighting that their 20 taps will consist of a combination of 6 of their own GBB beers & the remaining 14 lines left free for rotation between breweries, as well as to expect imminent information about an upcoming Meet The Brewer event.

Are we beginning to see a more structured picture of what the bar will become? Is this their lighthouse bar giving direction for future GBB endeavors? Such as expanding their bar portfolio into the rest of the UK? Who knows. They have a big enough task tackling the Northern Irish market to keep them occupied for now.

Northern Lights may be the new kid on the block, but with the backing and insight from such an established name, one can only expect good things. Doors will open early next week, check their Twitter for the most up to date information. Be sure to call in for a drink or two, I know I will.

Steven Barr

Love Gifs & taking snaps of beers....

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