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October 22, 2022
NI Beer

As highlighted in previous blog posts A Clearer Roadmap & Populating the Map we have been working on creating database of public information used to help bridge the gap between the producer and consumer. It is aimed at making it easier to connect consumers and producers together, with the hope of changing consumer behaviour with regards to what they drink, how they see these products vs more widely available brands, and give a clearer insight into the marketplace.

The Map currently has key information for:

  • 📌30 operational breweries 🏭
  • 📌10 contract brands 🍺
  • 📌55 off sales 📦
  • 📌78 pubs 🍻
  • 📌48 restaurants 🍽
  • 📌2 venues 🎫

As the map grows so too does the data required. 📍


How to get involved?

We are looking to get as much information about any bar, pub, restaurant, off sales, venues etc that sell craft beer in Northern Ireland. There are plenty of places we have missed and want to do as much to highlight local business to make the map more accessible for the whole of Northern Ireland.

Click here to add a location to the map
Click here to complete the Maintain the map form

Simply, click on the relevant image above or choose from the following options below. Complete the form relevant to inform us on businesses that sell craft beer in Northern Ireland, we shall do the rest and get it verified & updated!

  • Want to suggest somewhere we missed? Follow and complete the link here
  • Not sure if a business listed is currently trading or has stopped selling craft beer? Click here and we will try and get verification from them.
  • You want to verify your business information? Drop us an email to and we will send a form to fill in.
  • You are a new brewery in NI? - Drop us an email to and we will send a form to fill in.
  • Distributors/brand managers looking to help fill in the missing locations? - email and we will get in touch

Let's work on changing the conversion together! 

Steven Barr

Love Gifs & taking snaps of beers....

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