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March 4, 2024
NI Beer

The start of 2024 has been nothing short of exciting. From new releases to expanding our infrastructure and navigating the evolving landscape of the brewing industry, it's been a whirlwind of growth and innovation. Join us as we recap the highlights, and look forward to the promising path that lies ahead.


Current and New Releases


A year ago, we released our 1st batch of Helles, which is crazy to think about! This initial release saw a positive response from the market and after a few tweaks and finetuning between batches, we released our latest batch of Helles (Batch 4) at the start of Feb.

Helles is our core beer, available all year round. It is currently our only core beer, but stay tuned for what's to come!

New Year, New Beers was the key in our last blog and we are delighted to say it has already started with our newest beer….


If This, Then That

Last week saw our second release to the market; ‘If This, Then That’ is our collaboration with Heaney Farmhouse Brewery (the brewery we contract brew under).

The name comes from a form of logic: If something (this) happens, then (that) will happen. So, If Tilt & Pour and Heaney Farmhouse Brewery collaborated then a beer would be made as a result?

Or if Tilt & Pour collaborated with Heaney Farmhouse Brewery then Heaney would follow up with a separate collaboration with Tilt & Pour…. Who knows!

This 4.7% Hazy Pale is packed with Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops, so expect Citra’s juicy citrus notes to intertwine with the white wine undertones of Nelson Sauvin.

We played with a new (to us) yeast from WHC Labs – ‘Haze Heaven’, this has help give it an extra soft mouthfeel that has helped emphasise the hops profiles within the body of the beer.

This is a limited run and we split it between cans and kegs, these are now with our Distributor Salty Buoy – click here to order some cans now!

We have a limited number of cans, so be sure to get them before they’re gone!

Our kegs have already sold out, with the likes of Bullhouse East, Woodworkers, Sunflower, Northern Lights and Vineyard ordering them – keep an eye out on their socials!



Tanks arriving

As we mentioned in ‘Growing Pains’ we purchased our own 1 x 20HL Fermentation Vessel (FV) as part of an order with Heaney Farmhouse Brewery. Our 3 x 20HL tanks arrived and are currently in the process of being commissioned.

The new additions allow us to increase capacity, work more effectively with scheduling & workflow and most importantly, brew up some fresh, delicious beer for you all to enjoy.


Opportunities can come out of nowhere, and late last year Beer52 reached out to Northern Ireland breweries about taking part in their February/March box which would be showcasing our ever-growing scene!

In this box they have 15 beers available from the likes of Boundary Brewing, Bullhouse Brew Co, Heaney Farmhouse Brewery, Lacada Brewery, Beer Hut Brewing, Whitewater, Knockout Brewing and ourselves.

Once pitched we got to work with Heaney and planned a brew, this is where Simcoe Hopfenlager was born. By the way, Hopfenlager means - Hop Warehouse/Hop Storage

This is our Simcoe dry hopped lager – a seamless blend of classic lager finesse and the vibrant essence of Simcoe hops. Immerse yourself in crisp refreshment, where malt sweetness meets citrus and pine notes.  

It was designed to be a gateway lager, with the big punchy aroma of Simcoe with a slightly fruity body and the crisp finish of a lager; perfect for those wanting the hop punchiness of a pale but the body & finish of a lager.

With our tanks being delayed and the volume required for Beer 52, it would not have been viable for the business to brew here, so we worked with Beer 52 and their contracting partners.  In our case we used Beer Select in Gent, Belgium and this is where the beer was brewed.

As a contract brewery/brand this is not uncommon, but I (Steven) want to be as clear and transparent where possible. This is why on the can it states “Brewed and canned for Tilt & Pour Ltd in the EU. Imported to the UK by Beer52…

To celebrate the launch of the Beer52 NI box we planned a few events such as co-hosting the Northern Lights legendary quiz night with Aiden, where the lucky winners won a full NI box and we were able to showcase the local breweries with Northern Lights help. This coming weekend there is a tap takeover at Woodworkers which will showcase breweries from Northern Ireland so definitely keep and eye out for that! Perfect in the lead up to St Patricks Day…


Here's to more madness, join the conversation and let us know what we should brew next?! Cheers!!!

PS fancy some NI Beer?

There are a few ways to make this happen, you could:

Beer52 Box

The folks at Beer52 have given us an affiliated link https://www.beer52.com/TILT in which you can claim a free box* - 8 beers, some snacks and a ferment magazine for the cost of *postage £5.95*

Essentially saving £27 – Disclaimer and for every new sign-up Tilt & Pour will receive a one off fee/% of it.


Off Sales, bars and restaurants

It’s a very challenging time for those in the brewing and hospitality sectors, so be sure to get out and support your local bars, off sales and restaurants!  Have a nosey at our map for possible locations to check out.


Go direct to the brewery’s online stores, if applicable, and order there.






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