Sophomore Slump Or Comeback Of The Year

April 5, 2023
NI Beer

We have some exciting news to share with you about the second batch of Tilt & Pour Helles.

It is our core beer, and it's here to stay!

Since we announced the Helles, or even the fact that we brewed a beer, things have been a lot busier around here. We launched our Helles with a clear vision: to create a beer that would be accessible to the market (with regards to flavour and price), that would showcase local talents and how collaborative the sector is, but most importantly, a beer that everyone can enjoy! Read more about it here

All the prep, hard work, and countless phone calls, and finally, the Helles was released into the wild. We had a huge amount of support from the community from the word go, and we cannot thank you enough! We appreciate the commitment and risk associated with buying a new product in this climate and this is something I (Steven) couldn’t emphasise enough when out on the road or chatting to customers in pubs/online!

Find our Helles!

Striking the balance between my day job and the beer was a steep learning curve for sure, but being able to get out and about to share the story behind the beer and chat with our customers in person was invaluable. The Helles is currently stocked in 28* outlets across Northern Ireland! I created a Helles finder to help everyone find their nearest stockist – Helles Finder. I think it’s been so important to highlight that with every purchase, you are not only supporting Tilt & Pour, but other local (NI) businesses involved – I have added our friends to the Helles finder so you can see who else you will be supporting!

Tilt & Pour Helles Finder
Helles Finder snip from Google Map

Batch Notes

Once launched, based on the positive feedback we received from batch one, we quickly got back to the drawing board to tweak the recipe! Two areas we wanted to refine slightly were colour and carbonation. We felt that we had added a little too much Munich malt within the malt bill, so the beer was more copper gold than straw gold, and we also thought the beer could do with a small increase in carbonation.

Between batch one and two, there was a significant increase in costs within our supply chain, primarily our malt. Once we received our new pricing, we got to work looking into ways to be more efficient and to absorb these costs without passing them on to our customers, as well as maintaining our ethos regarding supporting local businesses and the quality of the product. To date, we have done our best to absorb these, and we just hope things stabilize in the months to come.

 A snap from the second batch mash
All about that malt! A snap from the second batch!

The scene has lost another

Speaking of difficult times, you may have heard the news last week about Farmageddon based in Comber ceasing trading. This was a shock to the community, and you can tell it wasn’t an easy decision for them with over 10 years in the sector. It's always sad to see a local business close it’s doors, and we know how much they meant to the community. We're proud to be part of the local brewing scene, and we're committed to supporting other local businesses whenever we can.

If you're looking to try the second batch of Tilt & Pour Helles, you can find it through our distributor (Northern Ireland) at Salty Buoy Beer Company. You can also contact us on social media, where we post regular updates about our beer and other news from the beer scene.

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Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to raising a glass of Tilt & Pour Helles with you soon!

Pint of Helles in Sunshine
Cheers - 2nd batch of our Helles now available! 

*Correct as per Helles Finder 04/05/2023

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